Saturday, November 14, 2009

Population Density Of Malnourished Children.

This is a very standard issue which i'am going to discuss about.Almost our world population is 6.7 billion in which 1.2 billion people live in regions classified as more developed by United Nation's whereas 5.5 billion people reside in less developed regions.The topic here is about,how important the Parental Care is for a Child.As we all know that Money leads our life now and Money is the important factor in our life too so we should teach the importance of it right from the small age. And the way of carrying ourselves in the society,inculcating good knowledge and discipline to the Children s alone help them to come up in their life.So the basic thing what we need here is the "Parental Care",as of now the percentage of malnourished children s have increased in few years and why i discuss about Mal nourishing is 'that this wouldn't have happened if the parents take care of their kids.In our society we have to understand one thing,that is caring for children is not a women s issue or related to an employment.It s critically important to all the people in this World.As parents play an vital role in this,they need to be aware of their incomes and caregiving responsibilities.At last our mission is to educate our society about the benefits of parents and children being emotionally engaged.